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We try to do the things more efficient even if they seem to be efficient enough.



Making it simple is our firs concern, but is not trivial, maybe it is the most complicated part.


Our products work fluent, consume as less resources as they can, and do what they are supposed to do, nothing else.

Consistent designed

An Spartan design when is needed, or minimalistic, 3Dstyled, flat, monochrome. Whatever, the important thing is that the design has to be consistent with the product.

Wallet friendly

When we have a top quality product, easy to use and well designed, our concern is the price. We want to offer products with the lowest price as possible.

Featured products


A useful medical guide

CalcuMed make avaliable to the medical professionals:

  • Tested calculators for the main medical formulas: creatinine clearance, MBI, hyponatremia, hypernatremia.
  • Conversion tools: Corticosteroids equivalence, opiates.
  • Scales: Barthel scale, Glasgow scale, Pfeiffer scale
  • Brief notes about some medical protocols.

This app is free, with no advertisements, it does not need special permissions, it is designed to consume very few resources so it is very fast, and it is compatible with almost all devices.

Hotels DB

Contact directly with the hotel. No middle-man required.

The idea is simple. Download the database of the region you are going to visit, look for the hotels around you, or find it by name, or look for a hotel that fits you 4 stars with spa and near the beach.

Found it? Then visit his web or phone them, you probably will save money, and the hotel probably won more (so you will be another kind of costumer).

The app has been tested in Mallorca Island in the Balearic Sea.

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